Donate Blood – Save Life” encapsulates the ethos of the Asansol Blood Centre!!!

Sarbjeet Singh: Bureau Chief-East

Kolkata:-The Blood Centre of Asansol Divisional Railway Hospital has been serving railway beneficiaries in this division for the past 27 years. Besides B.R. Singh Hospital, it is the only other blood centre within the Eastern Railway network. In the calendar year 2023, this blood centre has received a total of 429 units of whole blood, with 59 units collected during external voluntary blood donation camps.

The normal lifespan of whole blood is 35 days, and commendably, no units were wasted out of the 429 collected. Dr. Rajani Sinha, the in-charge doctor of Blood Bank, Asansol Railway Hospital, ensures that only safe blood is issued for transfusion to those in need.

Dr. Bina Mardi, the Hospital Incharge CMS/Asansol and Dr. R. Sinha, the Blood Bank In-Charge, actively encourage employees and their families to participate in voluntary blood donation drives and organize donation camps to meet the ongoing demand for blood.

Through their advocacy and organisational efforts, blood donation camps are arranged regularly to meet the ongoing demand for blood. The slogan “Donate Blood – Save Life” encapsulates the ethos of the Asansol Blood Centre, which caters to all patients requiring blood transfusions.

Shri Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer, Eastern Railway said, “The dedication and passion of the team of Blood Donation Centre, Asansol Divison of Eastern Railway along with the overwhelming support of blood donors, have been instrumental in our ability to save lives and make a meaningful impact on public health”.

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