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Eastern Railway continues its relentless pursuit of safety and efficiency !!!

Sarbjeet Singh: Bureau Chief-East

Kolkata :- Eastern Railway continues its relentless pursuit of safety and efficiency by steadfastly eliminating manned level crossing gates, thereby streamlining both road and rail traffic while bolstering safety measures. Through the provision of Road Over Bridge (ROB), Road Under Bridge (RUB), and Limited Height Subway (LHS), the railway is enhancing connectivity and reducing travel time, contributing to a safer and more efficient transportation network.

In its commitment to safety and efficiency, Eastern Railway has eliminated a total of 15 nos. of manned level crossing gates during the period 2023-2024 (till February 2024). This includes 11 nos. of LC gates in Sealdah Division and 2 Nos. of LC gates each in Howrah and Asansol Divisions, marking significant progress in enhancing safety and improving traffic flow along the railway network.

To facilitate the seamless movement of both road and rail traffic, Eastern Railway has undertaken the construction of Road Over Bridge, Road Under Bridge, and Limited Height Subway at strategic locations. In Sealdah Division, 6 nos. of Limited Height Subway (LHS) have been constructed in lieu of level crossing gates, while in Howrah Division, 2 nos. of Road Over Bridge have been constructed between Nalhati & Swadhinpur and Bandel & Adisaptagram, replacing manned level crossing gates.

The elimination of manned level crossing gates and the construction of modern infrastructure not only enhance connectivity but also bolster safety measures along the railway network. These initiatives contribute to the efficient flow of traffic, reduce travel time, and significantly mitigate the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer and more reliable transportation system for passengers and commuters.

Shri Kausik Mitra, the Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railway, said that, “the cohesive efforts of the Eastern Railway team underscore its commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure travel experience by eliminating of manned level crossing gates and the implementation of modern infrastructure projects for passengers”.

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