Refurbishing unused rail coaches into Rail Coach Restaurants by Eastern Railway!!!

Sarbjeet Singh: Bureau Chief-East

Kolkata :-The Eastern Railway has taken remarkable initiative to enhance passenger experience by refurbishing old and unused rail coaches into Rail Coach Restaurants across key Railway station premises.

One such endeavor has been the establishment of a Rail Coach Restaurant at Bapu Udyan, Howrah, offering a multi-cuisine experience amidst the scenic backdrop of the River Hooghly.

This unique dining destination not only caters to passengers but also aims to provide a memorable experience for visitors and locals alike.

With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on its menu, the restaurant ensures there’s something for everyone. Moreover, it also offers the convenience of hosting various ceremonial functions such as birthdays and marriage anniversaries, providing a pleasant ambience coupled with appetizing food.

The Rail Coach Restaurant at Asansol station stands out as the pioneer of its kind in Indian Railways, featuring two rail coach restaurants at the circulating area. This innovative concept transforms the station into a bustling city hub, attracting numerous residents and serving as a focal point for economic activities in this industrially rich city.

Mainly specializing in Chinese cuisine and Wow Bhojan, this restaurant adds vibrancy to the station’s surroundings with its appealing interiors, attractive crockery, and splendid lighting. In a strategic move, Eastern Railway has earned ₹39.5 lakhs annually by leasing the Rail Coach Restaurants at Howrah & Asansol stations.

Shri Kausik Mitra, CPRO/Eastern Railway stated that these Rail Coach Restaurants not only offer culinary delights but also contribute to the revitalization of Railway station spaces, providing passengers and locals with unique dining experiences and fostering economic growth in their respective areas.

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