To become trusted partners in the fight against misinformation and disinformation – MCA

New Delhi : MCA has also launched an e-mail ID (factcheckthis@mcaindia.in), which will act as a hotline. Posts or messages containing possible or suspected misinformation can be submitted here for fact-checking and verification by member fact-checking newsrooms.

Amidst the flood of information, there is also a lot of misleading or wrong information due to which many people have to face problems. In this era of social media, the number of such information has continuously increased. The Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA), formed to fight misinformation, on November 7 announced the formation of an independent Fact Checking Network (FCN) in an effort to develop standards and best practices for fact-checking organizations in India. .

In a statement, MCA said it will enable fact-check organizations to become trusted partners in the fight against misinformation and disinformation.

It is a diverse community that has honed its ability to communicate effectively with different people across India, no matter what language and what format the job requires, the press release said. It is therefore an ideal partner for civil society, technology platforms and governments in their efforts to tackle the problem of misinformation and disinformation.

The press release issued said that the spread of misinformation and disinformation online has become one of the most important challenges of the modern era. It says that countries around the world are struggling with the difficulties of dealing with this challenge.

The press release states that in recent years, fact-check organizations are rising to the challenge, helping citizens understand the dangers of false and disinformation and how to avoid becoming their victims. Can, are alerting for this. India is no exception to this phenomenon and in fact has now become home to the world’s largest fact-checking community.

In the press release, MCA further said that given this increasingly important role for the Indian fact-checking community, we also recognize the need to earn the trust of India’s digital citizens. They need to be satisfied that our work is fair, rigorous and impartial and that we are transparent about ourselves and how we work, so that they can trust our assessments and fact checks when trying to understand the world around them. Can feel safe.

Launching the e-mail hotline service, MCA said it would be happy to welcome new members to join. Our effort is to make this community inclusive and dynamic.

Let us tell you that MCA is an organization of fact checking institutions, which includes Vishvas News, Boom Live, Fact Crescendo, Factly, India Today Fact Check, News Meter, The Quint etc. The MCA is a cross-industry collaborative effort established with the aim of combating and limiting the spread of misinformation through targeted interventions and activities.

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