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Sarbjeet Singh: Bureau Chief-East

Kolkata :- Eastern Railway’s Railway Protection Force has showcased exemplary dedication and commitment in ensuring safety, Security and Welfare of passengers throughout the financial year 2023-24. Under various operation and missions, Railway Protection Force personnel have demonstrated unwavering bravery and compassion. Significantly impacting the lives of passengers.

• In a breathtaking resolute action and initiative Railway Protection Force (RPF)/Eastern Railway succeded to cease various fraudulent activities involving fake railway appointments, culminating in the arrest of 20 individuals across 9 cases. During the period, Railway Protection Force/Eastern Railway has been actively investigating reports of fraudulent activities related to fake railway appointments. Through diligent investigation and collaboration with relevant authorities, RPF has successfully identified and apprehended individuals involved in orchestrating these deceptive schemes.

• Operation “Matrishakti” : Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel have demonstrated exemplary dedication and compassion by providing assistance to 15 women passengers during childbirth on trains and station premises. This commendable act of service underscores RPF’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers, particularly during moments of emergency and distress. In a series of incidents, RPF personnel have extended a helping hand to women passengers who found themselves in labor while traveling on trains or waiting at station premises. With swift action and expertise, RPF staff members have facilitated safe deliveries and provided necessary medical assistance to ensure the health and welfare of both mother and child.

• Mission “Jeevan Raksha” : Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel have exhibited extraordinary bravery and selflessness by risking their own lives to rescue 55 passengers who found themselves in perilous situations while boarding or de-boarding moving trains, attempting suicide, or trespassing on railway premises. Their heroic actions exemplify the unwavering commitment of RPF personnel to ensuring the safety and well-being of railway passengers.

• Operation “Nanhe Faristey”: Railway Protection Force (RPF) has undertaken a commendable initiative to identify and rescue children in need of care & protection who are lost or separated from their families due to various reasons. In a demonstration of unwavering commitment to child welfare, RPF has successfully rescued and handed over 748 children (424 boys & 324 girls) to Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) for their rehabilitation and well-being.

• Operation ‘WILEP’ : Operation ‘WILEP’ was initiated by Railway Protection Force with the aim of targeting and dismantling networks involved in the illegal smuggling of wildlife, animal parts, and forest products through trains. Through diligent surveillance and proactive enforcement actions, RPF personnel were able to identify and intercept perpetrators engaged in these illicit activities.

As a result of Operation ‘WILEP’, RPF successfully detected 13 cases of wildlife smuggling, leading to the arrest of 6 individuals involved in the illegal trade. Additionally, a substantial quantity of smuggled wildlife and animal parts, including 236 Parrots, 391 Tortoises, 20 kilograms of Tortoise body parts, 14 monitor Lizards, 8 Snakes, 4 Mayna birds, and 2 exotic birds, was recovered during the operation.

Shri Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railwa, stated as RPF, Eastern Railway, embarks on a new fiscal year, remains confident in its continued success and unwavering dedication to fulfilling its mandate of safeguarding railway security and ensuring the well-being of passengers and stakeholders.

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