Road related incidents happen every day in Jharia( Dhanbad) – Ragini Singh

Pratik Singh : Correspondent

Dhanbad: BJP leader Ragini Singh reached the Collectorate in Barwada on Monday regarding the road accidents happening every day in Jharia and submitted a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Varun Ranjan to focus his attention on it and requested him to curb the road accidents happening every day. The administration should make some appropriate arrangements so that such incidents can be avoided in future.

BJP leader Ragini Singh told the media that road related incidents happen every day in Jharia due to which many people have lost their lives in road accidents, while the government and administration are trying to improve its system and regarding the same, Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner Varun on Monday. Have come to submit memorandum to Ranjan.

Ragini Singh further said that after the arrival of the new SSP, she could not have a formal meeting with him, today she met him and thanked him by giving him a pair of clothes.. After the arrival of the new SSP HP Janardan, there has been a decrease in crime and also in illegal thefts. It has been curbed.

Regarding the water problem in Jharia, he said that it is the failure of the government. Despite having a budget, the government has not been able to provide proper water facilities to the people here.

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