Robert Craig Films’ work to end homelessness, includes an upcoming documentary and movie !!!

S K Singh : Editor-In-Chief

SACRAMENTORobert Craig Films (RCF) proudly announces that The Salvation Army, the world-renowned Christian-based international movement, joins Robert Craig Film’s 5-pronged media approach called “The Big Five” to drive solutions for America’s leading crisis, homelessness. Robert Craig Films visited rescue missions and encampments, touring 20 major cities in 18 states to ultimately translate to the audience the dire homeless situation for so many.

The Salvation Army has contributed to the content of Robert Craig Film’s documentary and film No Address and the Interactive Study Guide, which provides education and structure for how to best approach, engage, and serve individuals who are unhoused.

No Address is a profound film that portrays the bleak realities of homelessness and the bitter sadness that comes from an unfulfilled life, while at the same time showing how love and a will to survive brings hope. Inspired by true events, the screenplay was written with the goal of showing these realities to the world in hopes that humankind will work together to reduce homelessness.​​

“Working alongside the No Address team and being part of the documentary, film, and study guide has been an honor,” said Commissioner Jolene Hodder, National Secretary for Program for The Salvation Army in the United States. “We share their goal to shed light on this crisis and encourage meaningful change, making a real difference for people in need.”

“Robert Craig Films could not have done this alone. In developing these five forms of media, we are not just opening people’s eyes and humanizing homelessness but are creating solutions to drive change. The Salvation Army’s involvement was crucial to get here,” says Robert Craig Films CEO Jennifer Stolo.

In addition to the documentary, film, and study guide, “The Big Five” includes a No Address novel based on the screenplay by New York Times Bestselling Author Ken Abraham and the No Address soundtrack created in partnership with Grammy Award-winning artists, writers, and producers. Through The Big 5 Giveback, Robert Craig Films has also pledged 50% of the net proceeds from all five productions to assist nonprofits addressing homelessness.

Robert Craig Film’s five-pronged media initiative aims to drive awareness, empathy, and real action for the homeless. To find out more, visit https://www.NoAddressMovie.com


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